Geek Racks

Quality Construction

The Geek Racks product line has been built to the highest manufacturing standards and carefully engineered to maintain structure, appearance and durability. In fact, the manufacturing facility which produces the Geek Racks products has its ISO 9000 Certification so each unit has the same quality standards applied during its creation.

For the server racks and wall mount cabinets, the materials used have been carefully selected to provide strength through even the toughest abuse. The cold rolled steel provides superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Geek Racks have steel in 2 mm thickness on mounting rails and 1.2 mm thickness on other parts. A protective phosphoric powder coated layer is applied on top, which is the most reliable and durable finish for steel. This phosphoric application process enhances the adhesion of the powder coated paint to the surface of the unit. Powder coating process applies smooth powdered pigment is to the surface which is then cured. Phosphoric powder coating offers a finish that is not only durable but uniform in appearance.

The server racks also contain tempered glass which is used on the doors of the rack units for its strength and safety benefits. Tempered glass is 3 to 5 times more impact resistant than regular (annealed) glass. It also has a higher level of heat resistance mainly due to its manufacturing process. Finally, tempered glass offers a more scratch-resistant product and is less likely to break or crack under pressure.

Finally, the server racks come standard with two fans. They work to keep proper ventilation providing both air flow and heat dissipation. Competitor brands often require this fan system to be added on at a cost, meanwhile all enclosed Geek Racks come standard with this important feature.

Other construction features include quick-detach side panels and doors in certain models and the option to add on castors for easy more portability.

More on ISO 9000 Certification
This certification is obtained by following a defined set of management standards defined by the International Organization for Standardization. As an industry leader, we hold our suppliers to these high standards and more for optimal quality assurance. In fact, dedication to quality is reflected in factory visits and quality testing checkpoints.

Detailed Product Testing
Prior to selecting the products currently offered by Geek Racks, detailed product testing was undertaken with sample/display units. We wanted to make sure that the products would withstand the normal wear and tear associated with IT oriented applications and perform as indicated by the manufacturer. As a result of testing the racks and accessories in real life situations we are able to assure that the products’ specifications are in fact applicable to IT locals and server rooms. As we continue to expand our product line, we promise to consistently test and re-test product reliability for quality assurance.